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Determining what to do in the face of a DUI arrest can be difficult. Our firm is here to offer drivers the opportunity to learn more about their rights and options in addressing these matters. For example, you may wish to learn more about the particular benefits of working with a DUI attorney. You may wonder what DUI defense strategies may be used to seek a positive case result on your behalf. You may be seeking a better understanding of the DUI court process and DMV hearings so you know what to expect. Let our legal team guide you through this difficult and confusing time.

Middlebrook & Brehmer, LLP has decades of combined legal experience and has been given the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubbell. We understand how to build personal relationships with our clients that allow us to create strong and effective defenses for their cases. We are not afraid of a tough prosecution and never back down from even the most severe criminal accusations.

Facing DUI Charges?

Our firm proudly represents individuals who have been accused of the following:

We are also prepared to provide legal counsel for individuals dealing with:

Whether you are a driver who is under the age of 21 or have just been charged with a third DUI, our legal team is ready to defend you. You may be facing a license suspension and other penalties for driving a motor vehicle with virtually any detectable amount of alcohol your system, especially if you are underage.

When a driver has one or more prior convictions for DUI on record, this will have a serious impact on any current charges. A second, third, fourth or subsequent DUI offense may result in steep penalties and possibly felony charges in some cases. While most drunk driving related offenses are charged as misdemeanors, there are certain situations where a driver may face felony charges. This typically applies in cases where a driver is accused of causing a car accident that leaves another person seriously injured. Though most people associate DUI charges with alcohol, a driver may be arrested for allegedly driving while under the influence of an illegal narcotic or prescription drug.

Defending Your Reputation & Future

There are various strategies that may be used to challenge DUI charges in criminal court and at a DMV hearing. Even in cases where a driver is accused of failing a breath test or blood test, there may be ways for an attorney to effectively prove that the test results should not be allowed in court. Field sobriety tests have inherent faults and may also be improperly administered. Another strategy that can be used is to question or challenge an arresting officer's testimony. Regardless of the circumstances, our firm will carefully review your situation and find any small details and facts that may support your defense.

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